Croydon Nightwatch is a charity supporting people suffering from homelessness in the Croydon area and we have proudly been supporting Nightwatch for over 15 years.

We initially wanted to support a charity who supported people less fortunate in the local community and our relationship has grown from there over the years.

Who are Nightwatch?

Croydon Nightwatch was founded in 1976 after a man suffering from homelessness died in Croydon. Over the years, Nightwatch has built hostels and other facilities, expanded street level work and renovated a derelict Church to support people suffering from homelessness. Now the charity’s volunteers meet daily to distribute food and clothes and help former people suffering from homelessness pay for expensive items such as fridges and work clothes.

How does Simply Lunch support Nightwatch?

At Simply Lunch, we provide food for the charity to give out every evening. We also have a monthly volunteer rota to support the physical work that Nightwatch conducts. One of the best things we’ve done with Nightwatch is to organise a Christmas-themed evening for their clients in December; we provided Christmas goodie bags and handed them out to everyone.

We would also like to further strengthen our ties with Croydon Nightwatch in the future. We have launched a social media campaign, plan on donating a certain amount for each Christmas product we sell in 2018 and are looking to hold specific fundraising events for the charity.

“There is no place for homelessness in today’s society and we will do what we can to help stop this issue in our community. Nightwatch provide a commendable service, giving a platform for people suffering from homelessness to start building a life away from living on the streets.”
Sam Page, Managing Director, Simply Lunch

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