veganuary... completed it

So, it has been 31 days since I have eaten any animal-based foods and I can say it has been challenging at times but also very insightful.

The challenges came from my limited knowledge of vegan recipes, the constant attention to detail of checking the back of pack information and the constant cravings for chocolate! However, it has also been an eye opener. The vast range of recipes you can create, the selection of different meat substitutes available and the enjoyment of finding new products to try. All this made the experience extremely enjoyable.

For the final week, the menu was:

  • Beetroot Houmous & Roasted Vegetable Buddha Bowl
  • PlantBased Peanut Butter Tofu Pad Thai
  • PlantBased Squash & Refried Bean Burrito
  • Sweet & Sour Crispy Tofu with Rice


We kicked off the week with the Peanut Butter Tofu Pad Thai. I had never cooked a Pad Thai at home before and the reason for this, I am unsure! It only took around 20 minutes to rustle up and it tasted delicious. My only issue was putting too much chilli in; WOW it was spicy! Overall rating 7.5/10.


Next was the Beetroot Houmous & Roasted Veg Buddha Bowl. This was most definitely the star of the week. Everything was created from scratch, including the Beetroot Houmous. There really are not many ingredients required to make houmous, to which I was surprised. Nevertheless, the roasted beetroot & tender stem broccoli had the perfect crunch. When I was clearing at the end, I realised that I forgot to top the dish with the nigella seeds! Who knows, this could have been the missing ingredients to make the dish a 10/10. Overall rating is a 9/10.


On my last day, I chose to have Sweet & Sour Crispy Tofu with Rice to sign off my journey of Veganuary and I am not going to beat around the bush… It was not great! (This could have been due to my own doing, plus not being the biggest fan of sweet & sour doesn’t help). Once again, I created the recipe from scratch using every bowl within my home! I coated the tofu with cornflour, which ended up on every appliance in the kitchen. I then whisked 7 ingredients together to create the sauce, whilst in the background the rice was being boiled alive. Yes, as you can tell it wasn’t a great experience. However, the taste was not too bad, but as I mentioned before I am not the biggest fan of sweet & sour, so I have no idea why I decided to choose this recipe. Overall rating, 4.5/10.


After a month of not eating any animal product, I am apprehensive. Why? Well, before going into this, I had no doubt that I was going to be tucking into a medium hot Nando’s on the first of February, but I am finding it more difficult to come to terms with this. What I have realised through this past month, is that animal products in your diet are not needed for a great tasting healthy food selection. There are so many ways of manipulating traditional meaty meals with vegetables to make them taste just as good, maybe even better!

So, what about dairy based products I hear you say; milk alternatives in my opinion are better than cow's milk, but also contain many other health benefits compared to cow’s milk. Additional to this, we are the only mammal in existence to drink another mammal’s milk; it just was not designed for human consumption. This will be a permanent change within my lifestyle.


Will I be continuing a vegan diet? The short answer is no, but I will be changing my eating habits. For example, I plan on eating a vegan diet for 5 days per week. This will massively reduce my personal impact on the environment, as this was the main driver when I set out on this journey. You are probably thinking to yourself, if you have only had a good experience why wouldn’t you carry it on and the reason for this is because I am not ready to. The entire process was a journey, a journey I have thoroughly enjoyed and one that has given me great insights to a vegan lifestyle which I can see in the next couple of years of me adopting.


Thank you for reading my blog posts through the last 4 weeks, it has been enjoyable writing about my experiences and invoked my thought process about daily activities which would normally be a mundane task.


This is me signing off!

Thank you!


William Page

Marketing & branding Manager


Remember that you can find more information on Veganuary on their website


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