I have just now completed my first full week of Veganuary and surprisingly, it was not as difficult as I first anticipated. For those that did not know, I wanted to get involved in the global mass movement ‘Veganuary’ to help to protect the planet that we live on.

I have eaten various cuisines throughout last week, trying different vegan options from around the world. This included Italian, Japanese, Indian and of course I had to add in the weekly British Roast Dinner!

 Our weekly menu was a mixture of Vegan Pad Thai with Tofu & a Bang Bang Cauliflower, Meat Free Meatballs and Pasta, Chickpea Masala & a Vegan Wellington for our roast dinner option. I honestly never thought this could taste as good as it did. I would go as far as saying I preferred this to a standard meat dish. While eating all of these, I didn’t for one second think I was missing meat from my plate.

My favourite thing I have eaten this week was a dessert. It was a Vegan Lemon Cheesecake from GU. The product was so good in fact, that I had the two in one night… This did however mean I had to go for a run the following day!

Lunches have been easy, because as you can guess, we have an amazing Vegan selection at Simply Lunch. My most favourite would have to be the Italian Antipasti Ciabatta. It is unreal! This product is made from authentic ingredients, including sun dried tomatoes from Venice. I could eat this product every day.

One thing I have noticed through the past week journey, is that the usual 30 minutes shop has near enough doubled, due to having to scour through the products ingredient listing. However, the huge offering which the supermarkets are now providing, does give you great options which we didn’t have a couple of years ago.


What I have found difficult is the ‘off the cuff’ eating – snacking and eating outside of the normal meal plan for the day. I do put this down to not fully understanding the variety of plant-based foods I can eat and not down to the offerings available to me.


Overall, I would give the week an 8/10. I am excited to try a different variety of meals for the coming week. Fingers crossed I am going to find the snacking part slightly easier with a little bit of investigation.


Remember, for more information on Veganuary, you can check out the website at


William Page

Marketing & Branding Manager

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