Simply Lunch honoured to aid the MMU in feeding local families this Summer!

For the best part of a decade, child hunger and food insecurity has been an issue that has raised much social and political discourse in the UK. It is reported that up to three-million children across the UK are at risk of going hungry during the holidays. In response to this, the Martenscroft Nursery wanted to ensure that this summer every child and family members would be guaranteed a meal when attending their play sessions. We teamed up with The Manchester Metropolitan University, Pelican Procurement Services and Bidfood to provide Martenscroft Nursery with the support needed to ensure no child went hungry this Summer.


Ben Collier, Head of Catering, Retail & Hospitality at The Manchester Metropolitan University said: “The University has a strong relationship with Martenscroft Nursery, they provide education for families who live in close proximity to our campus and are a valuable partner on research and student enrichment projects, so we wanted to support them in feeding their local families.”


I would like to say a big thank you to Bidfood and Simply Lunch who kindly provided free food donations and the University’s catering team for making the food lunch parcels. It was truly a terrific team effort that shows great team-work and partnership for the greater good.”


“The social value of such projects is hard to measure; but with happy families, a reinforced connection between the University and the community, and the nursery saving funds to reinvest in other important areas, there are many benefits to be counted!”


Hayden Ludford from Pelican says: “I worked closely with Bidfood and Simply Lunch and in total we have organised 540 lunches - ensuring everyone is fed and watered on each event day! I was very proud to be part of it.”


“What a great way to get stuck in and be part of a wonderful project that makes a difference to local families.”


Debbie Keary, Head of Centres at Martenscroft Nursery School and Children's Centres, added:

“Summer can be a tough time for some of our families and without the chance to enjoy food and activities, many wouldn’t get to have a holiday. Therefore, these days are so special to making sure the children and families have a memorable summer. “



We would like to take this opportunity to say how honoured we are to be able to have the chance to contribute towards fighting the issue surrounding child hunger. We are always looking for ways to give back to our communities and are thrilled that we were able to contribute towards a memorable summer for many children and families!



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