Our Charitable Campaign

Our Charitable Campaign


Simply Lunch works with Croydon Nightwatch to support their great work and this year we are helping them further through a social media campaign. We are looking for our customers and the public to help support this campaign- socially, but not financially (we will do that part!).

The Social Media Campaign

We are asking for people who eat Simply Lunch products to take photos of our products, post them on social media and tag us in them. For every photo Simply Lunch is tagged in, we will donate £1 to Nightwatch. Simple as that!

So please support us in this campaign by asking customers to share their photos and by sharing photos yourself. #TastesJustRight

Who are Croydon Nightwatch?

Croydon Nightwatch was founded in 1976 after a man suffering from homelessness died in Croydon. Over the years, the charity has built hostels and other facilities, expanded street level work and renovated a derelict church to support people suffering from homelessness in the Croydon area.

"The bulk of our activity is conduced by our volunteers who give their time for free. Nightwatch however does pay for furniture to help former people suffering homelessness settle into new accommodation.  We also help people with work clothes and other work-related expenses like tools and training programmes so any monetary support is greatly appreciated." - Jad Adams, Chair of Nightwatch

Simply Lunch donates food weekly to the charity but would like to support Nightwatch on a larger scale this year. Please do help us by supporting our campaign and simply posting photos on social media. We will do the rest.

Thank you very much for all your support so far and in advance for your further support.


-All of us at Simply Lunch


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