New Menu

New Menu

We thought it would be helpful to share a blog post explaining a bit more about our new menu- so indulge and enjoy!


We’ve made a few changes to the latest edition of our menu. Our largest change is that we’ve added eight new products to the menu for customers to try out and delight in. Here’s a bit more information about each of these delicious choices:


Vegan Sweet & Spicy Pakora Sandwich – This may ring a bell as we had version 1 of this sandwich on our summer menu. We now have an improved recipe with a more flavourful mango chutney (spiced with chilli and ginger) included. It also has anti-inflammatory properties – perfect for the upcoming winter season!


Chicken & Chorizo Sandwich – A classic recipe with a twist. We’ve replaced regular mayo with garlic mayo to further hit your taste buds. Grilled peppers have also been added to provide you with one of your five a day and to make your lunch more colourful.


Smoked Cheese & Coleslaw – A crunchy filling for fans of smoked and creamy flavours on one of our favourite breads, Dark Farmers Bread.


BBQ Chicken Sandwich – Another classic recipe with a little surprise- a smoky BBQ flavour that works perfectly with the combination of creamy mayo and sweetness of corn.


Brie and Roquito Chutney Sandwich – After the big success of our summer Brie & Bacon Sandwich, we have decided to keep this recipe on the menu, but make it a healthier, vegetarian alternative to let all the plant lovers enjoy it. This was an original idea from Legoland, Windsor so thank you to the catering department at Legoland for the suggestion! The sweet and spicy flavours of roquito peppers work perfectly with the creaminess of brie cheese.


Brie & Cranberry Toastie – Everyone loves a Christmas-themed lunch going into the winter season. This one is sweet and creamy, ‘cause some like it hot!


Meat Feast Ciabatta – Every menu needs a hearty option for meat lovers. This luxury lunch has three kinds of meat (pepperoni, chorizo, spicy taco beef) with BBQ sauce and melted Mexican cheese on the top. Doesn’t it sound hot? Salsa


Meatball Hot Wrap – Is there anything better than meatballs? This lunch has pork/beef meatballs with two kinds of cheese (cheddar and parmesan) and Italian-style Napolitana sauce.


For our customers…

There are some other smaller changes that may be helpful for our current customers to know about. We hope these changes make ordering more efficient and productive for all involved.


Product Codes- We like to be efficient and we’re always looking at new ways to improve. To help with your orders, we have amended some of the product codes to make things simpler and easier. We hope this makes ordering faster and more accurate.


Fruit Pots- At Simply Lunch, we all love snacking on fruit in our foodie offices and so we know how important it is to have fresh and great-tasting fruit pots. Therefore, we’ve asked customers to give us an extra 24 hours’ notice on these products to ensure that we can source the very highest quality ingredients. They are also now being delivered similarly to our popular yogurt pots- in packs of 4.


Going to Lunch! On 20th or 21st September? Look out for us on stand M50- it’s our first Lunch! Show so it would be great to see everyone there!


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