Week 2 - My meal inspiration has run dry!

With my cooking inspiration running dry, I thought I would try out the delivered meal service Gousto. Gousto delivers 4 meals to your door for the week ahead, with the exact ingredient measurements to ensure nothing is wasted.

So, how does it work, I hear you ask. At the beginning of the week, you decide your meal choices for the week ahead. There are around 7/8 choices of plant-based options. I went with the following:

  • The Ultimate Vegan Stack Burger
  • PlantBased Poke Bowl with Tomato Sashimi
  • PlantBased Butternut Squash Mac ‘N’ Cheeze
  • PlantBased No Butter Chicken with Fragrant Rice

Do not however, underestimate the time in which it takes to rustle all this up!

To start the week off, I went with the Butternut Squash Mac ‘N’ Cheeze. This was the perfect start to the week. What was interesting about this product, was the base of the sauce. It was made up of Butternut Squash which gave the sauce a creamy texture.  Plant-based Cheeze is still going to take some getting used to… Overall this meal was a solid 7.5/10.

On the Tuesday, I made the Planet-Based Poke Bowl with Tomato Sashimi. This was certainly the fiddliest to create out of the 4 meals. Manually peeling the skin from the individual tomatoes was not how I thought my Tuesday evening would go; however, it was all worth it. All the flavours complemented each other and for a light dinner, I felt full at the end. I would have to give this a 7/10.

Wednesday, after a tough day at the office, I needed some comfort food, so to say I was looking forward to my Ultimate Vegan Stack Burger was a major understatement! Before my Veganuary mission I was extremely partial to a burger and was worried how a meat alternative burger would replace the beloved beef patty… and Wow! was I mistaken! This burger was your traditional set up of cheese, lettuce, onions, mayo, ketchup, but there was one secret – fried potato rostis. These were made of grated potatoes, marinated in paprika to give a smoky taste, which I crisped up with some vegetable oil in a pan. The potato rosti gave the burger a delicious crunch, which tasted amazing! There was nothing I could fault with this meal. My opinion, this burger outweighed any meat burger I could have ever eaten. This gets a 10/10. (this may be a biased score, because as I said before, I am partial to a patty, but is a well-deserved perfect score).

Last meal of the week was the Plant-Based no Butter Chicken with Fragrant Rice. Maybe the easiest meal to cook out of the 4, but that certainly did not compromise the taste. Something that I have learned during this journey, is that many meat alternatives are unrecognisable within meals. Overall rating for this dish, 7/10.


Something I previously found difficult, was the dessert option, but this week was a breeze! That is all thanks to the Ben & Jerrys Vegan Ice Cream and I obviously had to go for the Cookie Dough. Once again, my mind was blown. I could honestly taste no difference to the original cookie dough.


On Sunday, whilst eating the traditional roast dinner, I got to watch the final episode of David Attenborough’s ‘Perfect Planet’. This episode was all about the effect humans are having on the planet. My main reason for participating in Veganuary was because of the detrimental effect the meat industry is having on the environment and overfishing is having on the seas. This was all highlighted within this episode and honestly left a lump in my throat on what humans have managed to do to our ‘perfect planet’ in the last 50 years. If we do not actively start to reduce our meat/fish consumption, there will be no planet left for humans. We must all come together to reverse the effects we have had and allow humans to strive for years to come.


You can read more about David Attenborough’s series ‘A Perfect Planet’ at https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/3pq1Sb1kkrBZPwm5tWmTw7K/introducing-a-perfect-planet


Remember, for more information on Veganuary, you can check out the website at www.Veganuary.com



William Page

Marketing & Branding Manager



(*Images are taken from gousto.co.uk)

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