Meet Marion - Our New Commercial Manager!

Last week we welcomed Marion to the Simply Lunch family as our new Commercial Manager. Here's a little inside scoop into how she feels about joining us and what we can expect from her. We were also given a special insight into what sandwich she would be if she had to be one!


Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am professionally driven and very customer focused. Over the years I have gained experience in building strong and trusted relationships with clients as well as working closely with great teams. I started as a Ski Instructor in France, booking travel in both leisure and corporate sectors before landing a role in one of my favourite sectors, FOOD!

On a personal note, my home life is full on and very active. I am married with 2 children and enjoy hosting friends and family dinner parties and doing outdoor activities with the family (hikes, bike rides and of course skiing). The latest challenge on the list that I will be taking on is my first Half Iron Man in July 2022 in the Cotswolds.


How does it feel to join the Simply Lunch family?

Joining the Simply Lunch family feels like a natural step in my career. Simply Lunch deliver and share some of my key values to their customers which makes us a great match! We are a family who are proud of what we do and to us, our customers are royalty. It is only my second week in, and it already feels like I am apart of the family. It has been a very warm welcome!


What can we expect from you? (What will you be doing for Simply Lunch)

Simply Lunch and our customers should expect energy and passion about what I do and dedication towards the team and the customers. My role is to create a trusted and strong bridge between our customers and Simply Lunch.


If you were a sandwich, what would you be?

If I was a sandwich, I will be a Ham and Cheese Baguette with Cornichon … a solid, reliable choice with a bit of a “Je ne sais quoi!”


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