From 12.00am on the 1st January 2021, I will be participating in the global mass movement Veganuary. Veganuary aims to inspire and support people to try a vegan diet. 


I have eaten a predominantly meat fuelled diet since before I can remember however after doing research and watching various documentaries, I now want to actively remove animal products from my diet to protect the planet. What better time than Veganuary… 

The meat industry is having a detrimental effect on the current worldwide issue, climate change. The climate impact of meat is enormous – roughly equivalent to all the driving and flying of every car, truck and plane in the world. 

When forests are destroyed to produce industrial meat, billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere, accelerating global warming. The fallen trees are often left to rot on the forest floor or are burned, creating further emissions. 

Healthy trees are essential for absorbing carbon from the atmosphere. If we cut them down, they can no longer help us in the fight against climate change. 

The next 30 days without a doubt will be a huge adjustment period and the foods I am going to miss the most are cheese & chocolate however I am also excited to eat various new foods which I may not have tried. 

My plan for the 4 week period is to have a strong meal plan, this will include breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, because of the delicious tasting vegan offering from Simply Lunch this should not be too difficult. 

I am going to be writing about my experiences, new recipes which I have tried as well as what I am finding difficult through this process. As well as testing out my photography skills for my month of blogs. 


William Page

Marketing & Brand Manager


Remember if this is something that you would like to participate in you can read more at the Veganuary website, www.veganuary.com

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