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After finishing the third week of Veganuary and moving into the last, the question I keep asking myself (which I never thought that I would) is… Am I going to continue with a Vegan lifestyle after January? This has been on repeat for a few days now and to be honest, I still do not know the answer.

My thought process behind eating has now changed and the cravings for cheese & chocolate have almost diminished. I never thought I would have said this 3 weeks ago, but the Vegan alternatives for cheese have grown on me massively and this is credited to Violife Epic Mature Cheddar.


The menu for week 3 was:

  • Smokey Pulled Aubergine Tacos with Avocado Salsa
  • VietnameseStyle Mushroom Banh mi
  • Texmex Loaded Sweet Potato Wedges
  • Baked Sesame Tofu, Peanut Sauce & Crispy Kale
  • Roasted Tikka Cauliflower & Coconut Rice


We started the week off with the Roasted Tikka Cauliflower & Coconut rice. Admittedly, not much preparation went into this meal. When I say not much, I mean none! It was a prepared dish from Sainsbury’s, but it certainly did not disappoint in taste. I have always been a huge fan of cauliflower, but before the start of Veganuary I never thought you could pair it in almost any cuisine. A brief 20 minutes in the oven and vola, a delicious meal! Overall meal rating 7.5/10. (This would have been higher if it were personally prepared, but I felt like I was cheating a little)

Second meal of the week was the Baked Sesame Tofu, Peanut Sauce & Crispy Kale. What intrigued me most about this meal, was the crispy kale. It had a very similar taste & texture to crispy seaweed from the local Chinese, but undoubtedly 10x healthier. I have been a fan of tofu for a few years, but I never really used it in recipes at home. I have realised it is so versatile that I will be moving it into my culinary armoury. Overall meal rating, 7/10.

On Wednesday, I went for the Smokey Pulled Aubergine Tacos with Avocado Salsa, WOW! What meals like this have made me think to myself, is what benefit would a meat bring to this meal? And my answer is… nothing. All the flavour complemented each other, and the aubergine, once cooked, gave a similar texture to pulled meats. Overall meal rating, 9/10.


Something I would consider before embarking on the journey of creating a Gousto dish, is to have 5/6 bowls for mixing ingredients together. When it comes to cooking, it safe to say I have not mastered the skill of keeping the kitchen clean. Some could say it is a health & safety risk, but nevertheless, I get the job done!



Sunday morning after a long walk in the snow, I thought I would try ‘THIS ISN’T BACON’. I have heard many reviews on this product, so I had to give it a go. Upon opening the pack my initial thoughts were not great. It most certainly is not the most appetising looking product, but as always, never judge a book by its cover. After a quick 4-5 mins pan fry, I placed the ‘THIS ISN’T BACON’ between an English muffin topped with some Rubies in the Rubble Tomato Ketchup. UNBELIEVABLE! I am already looking forward to next Sunday’s THIS ISN’T BACON Breakfast Muffin!


I am now moving into my last week of Veganuary and unlike before, it has not phased me. It has almost become natural. I am looking forward to the new recipes of the week and learning more about the various industries impact on the environment to cement my decision on why I got involved in Veganuary.


Remember, you can find more information on Veganuary on their website www.veganuary.co.uk


William Page
Marketing & Branding Manager



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