Drones- The Way Forward for Food Delivery

Drones- The Way Forward for Food Delivery


Drones were initially developed solely for military purposes, but we have seen them evolve at an ever-increasing rate, moving from professional equipment to mainstream consumerism and even children’s toys!

An increasing number of industries have fed into this broadening drone market as they start to realise the potential drones have for positive contribution. This growing empire shows no sign of slowing down in 2018; here are some interesting key developments to watch out for this year.



Up until now, to comply with flying regulations, an operator of a drone must be able to see their drone to legally fly it. However, this year the Trump administration announced that it will be testing drone flying beyond the line of sight and therefore the regulation in this area may begin to relax in the near future.



It looks like 2018 will see the innovation of MESH technology being applied to drones. This means that rather than a single drone being connected to a single operating device, multiple drones can connect to one operator (and each other) at the same time in order to share information.



Amazon has already announced its plan to launch the ‘Prime Air’ service that will deliver items under 5lbs to your door by drone! They claim that “one day, seeing Prime Air vehicles will be as normal as seeing delivery vans on the road” – though they cannot give us an exact date yet!

Even back in December 2016 the food delivery company Just Eat laid claim to a significant milestone —  the world’s first takeaway meal delivered by a robot. How impressive would that be on a regular basis?


The food industry is at the forefront of this technological development, with Domino’s, Yo Sushi and Taco Bell all experimenting with drone delivery as a faster and more cost-efficient service (the latter’s test drone is brilliantly called the Tacocopter). We think Simply Lunch would need to come up with a snazzy name to compete with the Tacocopter!


So, as with all technologies, it may seem an unlikely undertaking that drones would deliver food products to your door in the next few years but looking at the developments in the industry, this may be closer than you think.


We think everyone should watch this space – in the next few years you may be collecting your sandwich delivery from a robot or even catching a delivery box from a flying drone!


-Donna Phillips, Credit Control, Simply Lunch


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