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Decisions Decisions Decisions

Decisions Decisions Decisions


You may have found yourself chuckling at a recent TV advert which shows a customer ordering a plain cup of coffee who is met with a vacant expression from a barista, who is apparently bamboozled by such a simple request!

Frustratingly for many, these types of orders do seem to ring true for many coffee shops – skinny or whole? Short or long? Frothy or flat? All these questions arise from one simple desire for caffeine- is it now a troublesome trend?

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe

I am a person who finds it hard to make a decision, and at this current time we seem to be exposed to more and more decisions to make. From the big life decisions or the seemingly less stressful decisions such as “what’s for dinner?” We are faced with an ever-increasing amount of choices.

The less (but certainly not least) important daily decisions we mull over often relate to our dietary requirements. There is such an expanse of different food options and combinations out there that this relatively simple decision has become harder for us to make.

Savoury Snacking

The humble potato crisp has undergone a variety of facelifts regarding different cuts and flavours; in fact in some instances it has been completely replaced by other vegetables! Over the past five years our supermarket aisles have started to parade a much more diverse type of crisp, perhaps being persuaded by the more health-conscious trends that have influenced the food-to-go market.

More recently our classic cinema snack appears to be the next big thing to see some changes, with exotic flavours of popcorn being introduced such as Coconut, Raspberry and Ginger. Perhaps the once basic choice of Sweet or Salty may become a thing of the past – the decision may be between Chilly Chocolate or Cheddar Cheese amongst many more.

Interestingly though, as a nation of savoury snackers willing to try out exotic flavours, our favourite crisp flavour is still the traditional Cheese & Onion.

Taste Bud Triumphs!

On the bright side, our taste buds have never had such a party going on! Now is an opportune time to open the door to experience some fantastic flavours and when faced with a culinary decision I am always one for trying something new!

We at Simply Lunch maintain traditional sandwich flavours but are also regularly introducing new and exciting creations such as our Award-Winning Veggie New Yorker and our Moroccan Mezze Salad Bowl. We are even hiring our very own Chef just to look at what new and alternative lunch options we can offer customers.

Here at Simply Lunch we are just that; simply lunch! No stress involved, no difficult decisions to be made- whatever you choose, you can’t lose!

Mary Bridge, Accounts Payable, Simply Lunch


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