Daily Bread

Daily Bread

We caught up with our local baker who has been baking us fresh bread every morning for the last ten years.


We’ve worked with our local baker, Croydon Bakery, for over 10 years now because they are five minutes down the road from us and more importantly, they produce freshly baked, handcrafted bread for our customers. We went down and met Steve, the owner of Croydon Bakery.

So how long has Croydon Bakery been established?
“I’ve worked in the bakery business for 35 years and previously worked for Hovis but took over Croydon Bakery with my family over 10 years ago now. We’re like Simply Lunch in that regard, my wife, son and daughter all work at the bakery, we’re a family-run business.”

“We have the right products with the right experience.”

Daily Bread

"We hand-bake all our bread and we stop and rest the bread to ensure all the flavours come out."

What products do you supply to Simply Lunch?
“Our bakery is a craft bakery, we hand-bake all our bread and we stop and rest the bread to ensure all the flavours come out. You just get a better product making it by hand, without machinery. We provide Simply Lunch with traditional English bread and rolls, soft white, poppy seed and granary rolls. Other sandwich companies use frozen bread but impressively, our bread has only been out the oven 3 or 4 hours before being delivered to Simply; my favourite fresh loaf that we supply is our award-winning farmhouse granary.”

What makes your bakery so special?
“All our flour is British, so it is some of the best in the world. We make everything from scratch and have extremely experienced bakers- our bakers have between 25 and 40 years of experience. In short, we have the right products with the right experience.”

What’s it like to run a bakery?
“The bakery runs 24 hours a day, for instance we bake crusty French sticks at night. I can never really relax as I may get a call at 2am and need to come in to sort the problem out. The best thing though is when I receive positive feedback from my customers and see how I help them grow their own businesses.”

What’s it like working with Simply Lunch?
“We always have honest conversations and open communication. Simply Lunch are passionate about producing fresh products."

Lots of people get put off baking bread at home as it can be hard- what’s your top tip for baking bread at home?
“Buy it from us! At home you will never get the temperature of your ovens hot enough to bake great bread so save yourself time and effort by supporting your local baker instead.” One final question- what’s your favourite Simply Lunch product? “I love the coronation chicken sandwich!”

Simply facts 5

We love local produce - our speciality breads come from our local bakery every evening.


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