British Sandwich Week 2018

British Sandwich Week 2018

So, to help you celebrate, here’s what we’re suggesting you munch on during lunchtimes this week in aid of British Sandwich Week 2018…


Monday: Tuna & Cucumber Sandwich

Start the week on a healthier note- get your veg and omega 3 boost. Last year we made over 100,000 of these fishy sandwiches at Simply Lunch. Tuna remains a firm British favourite on our list of lunches.


Tuesday: Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Sandwich

What Brit hasn’t occasionally dipped into a spot of afternoon tea? On the menu for Tuesday could be a British afternoon tea tradition of Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese, even better when the salmon is Scottish!


Wednesday: BLT

Get over “hump day” with an indulging classic BLT sandwich. Those 3 little letters can be recognised anywhere is the UK and always brings back memories of great BLTs you’ve enjoyed in the past.


Thursday: Chip Butty

Time for a hot lunch option. Yes, this isn’t the healthiest option, but it does remind you of the great British Fish & Chips and what could be better sometimes than carb on carb?


Fri-yay: Simply Lunch’s British Sandwich Week Special

To celebrate British Sandwich Week, we’ve launched a new sandwich- our British Cave Aged Cheese & Chutney Sandwich. A great way to finish a great British week!


You can order our Cave Aged Cheese & Chutney Sandwich (A663) for the whole of British Sandwich Week!


-Sophie Simpson, Account Manager, Simply Lunch


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