BETTER for your health, the planet and your tastebuds

Big news from Simply Lunch HQ today! As one of the UK’s leading food-to-go businesses, we are delighted to announce the launch of seven new products as part of our BBSL (BETTER by Simply Lunch) range. The BETTER brand is our latest initiative to provide delicious, healthy and sustainable food to the UK.


Commenting on the launch, our MD, Sam Page, said: “This is an important moment for us. This launch strengthens the BETTER offering and our commitment to providing healthy, sustainable and delicious food to all our consumers and the thousands of businesses we supply across the country. The seven products we’re launching today are the result of several months of planning, hard work and recipe testing from our development team. Using natural ingredients, they’ve assembled a tasty variety of contrasting textures, big and bold flavours, and vibrant colours.


“At Simply Lunch we are aiming to improve people’s lives through our food, and an uplifting and enjoyable lunch can do just that. So as the UK gradually returns to office life post-lockdown, we’re here to make sure consumers have something to look forward to. 


“We have also made the conscious decision to make the majority of the BETTER products plant-based. Many consumers and businesses across the world are transitioning away from animal products, so we need to ensure that demand is met. The health, climate, and welfare benefits of plant-based diets are clear to see, so we have made sure those people making the switch have plenty of tasty options available.


“BETTER has been made accessible to all budgets, all appetites and made suitable to eat on the go, or take home and keep in the fridge to enjoy for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”


To view all seven of the new products, please visit our brochure here.


Alongside the new products, we are also launching a new QR code tool (SLS – ‘Simply Lunch Scanning’) for consumers. The SLS QR codes will be displayed on all product packaging. The new codes will link to detailed product info pages on the Simply Lunch website. The product information will cover:


  • Ingredients
  • Nutritional breakdown
  • Allergens
  • Sustainability benefits (relating to supply chain)
  • CO2 footprint (available later this year)
  • Packaging materials used/recyclability
  • Other info about origin, health, how it was developed etc.


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