Are you worried about allergens

Are you worried about allergens



With all the media attention about allergens recently, we wanted to touch upon our own high food standards and introduce the world more to our “best in class” teams as well as our highly regarded Simply Lunch sandwich making facilities. 

We are a transparent company who’s won four Q Awards over the last year and is AA BRC rated with a great team behind us, so why not be proud and show ourselves off? 


We Care for High Care

As a company, we have a strong focus on stringent technical processes. We train our staff to a high standard and have strong controls and checks in place for ingredients and goods, from supplier to end user.

Allergen management is an integral part of our food safety assurance strategy. Some of the critical elements of our business we focus on to ensure high standards for our allergen management are people, suppliers, raw materials, customer information, product development and documentation.

To ensure stringent allergen control, we put in place measures to ensure we minimise all possible risks. Our suppliers must respect our quality assurance process and are audited regularly by our team. We are also proud of our special emphasis on product origin and composition; we have ensured 100% traceability from supplier to end user, so “anything consumed is traceable to any level” -Nadeem Shahzad, Technical Manager.

When ingredients and equipment are on site, we store them in a dedicated storage area to avoid cross-contamination. We also use colour coded equipment such as chopping boards, clean down our production lines between products and separate utensils to avoid cross-contamination. When the allergens are printed on our packaging, specific allergens are printed in bold to stand out.

Other actions our team takes to meet our high allergen standards include our New Product Development Team ensuring ingredients are suitable for our facility and putting in place any precautionary measures which are communicated 360 degrees to staff members. We also have high micro-hygiene standards where we deep clean food contact and non-food contact surfaces and validate the effectiveness of this process through environmental swabbing with our dedicated microbiological laboratory.


What We Promise

We promise to strive to maintain high food standards and to prove our commitment to this by being part of associations such as BRC, Soil Association and Food for Life.

We promise to maintain a safe and secure environment for our ingredients and products produced, particularly for control of allergens, and quickly act upon any points if raised by staff, customers or end users.

We promise to be transparent and ensure accuracy throughout our business.


After the recent news, you may be questioning how safe your own Food to Go products are. We hope this article re-assures our current business partnerships as well as new business partnerships that we have stringent processes and procedures in place that will help to support your business in a safe and transparent way.


We love having visitors- we welcome visitors anytime to see our top-grade facilities and meet our hard-working and dedicated staff members.


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