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Simply Lun... (28 August, 2021)

We teamed up with The Manchester Metrop...

BETTER for... (30 April, 2021)

Simply Lunch launches seven new products as part of the BBSL (BETTER by Simply Lunch) range...

Veganuary ... (3 February, 2021)

So, it has been 31 days since I have eaten any animal-based foods and I can say it has been challenging at times but also very insightful.&a...

Hard Decis... (27 January, 2021)

After finishing the third week of Veganuary and moving into the last, the question I keep asking myself (which I never t...

OPERATION ... (22 January, 2021)

We have teamed up with @loveseitanUK to hand out EU-compliant seitan sandwiches to hungry hauliers!

My meal in... (19 January, 2021)

With my cooking inspiration running dry, I thought I would try out the delivered meal service Gousto. Gousto delivers 4 ...

Veganuary ... (12 January, 2021)

I have just now completed my first full week of Veganuary and surprisingly, it was not as difficult as I first anticipat...

I am parti... (5 January, 2021)

I am participating in Veganuary! From 12.00am on the 1st Ja...


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