Day In The Life

A Day in the Life of Vasil 'Vasko' Vasilev, one of our formidable Delivery Drivers at Simply Lunch

A typical working day for me...

11:30pm: I wake up to get ready for my nightshift delivering Simply Lunch products to customers.

12:30am: I arrive at work, organise my list of customers and confirm my boxes to be delivered. Once I’ve done this, I load my van up with the delivery boxes for my customers.

2am: I start the van and begin driving to my first customer.

3am: I arrive in Watford and drop off my first delivery with my first customer of the day. At this time in the morning I don’t see any of the customers- I just have the keys to their gates/doors and drop their goods off for them.

6am: I have my break from driving before I begin the second part of my shift.

7am: I arrive in Harlow and get to see my first customer of the day in person. I really like this customer- he even gives me a biscuit to send me on my way!

8am: The roads start to get busier and I have a lot of important schools to drop deliveries to. Even a 5-minute delay can really affect my delivery timings!

12 noon: I get back to the Simply Lunch offices and drop the van off.

1pm: I go straight to sleep as I’m pretty tired after a long night.

4pm: My daughter comes home from school and even though I'm sleeping, sometimes she wakes me up having fun downstairs!

7pm: I wake up to have some dinner with my daughter.

11:30pm: My day starts all over again!

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Day In The Life

Our business started in 1979 with our Dad making food for hungry travellers on the A22.


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