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St George's Day Dinners

St George's Day Dinners 23/4/18

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April 23rd is officially St George's Day- St George being the patron saint of England. So, if you're thinking about what to cook for dinner, why not cook something typically English to celebrate?

To help with some traditional English recipe ideas for a great dinner, we’ve written this blog to inspire you and inform you of a few facts about the dishes along the way!

Beef Wellington- new or old tradition?

A great, hearty meal that is often associated with British origins. Its name is a homage to the first Duke of Wellington who is thought of as a hero in the battle of Waterloo. In fact, the first references found of this dinner are actually American and it is only more recently that this dish has been thought of as typically English. So, if you feel like a filling meaty dish, this may make for a great dinner on St George’s Day.

Pheasant Stew- to game or not to game?

Lots of people have probably never tried or perhaps even thought about trying pheasant but it may be a great alternative to chicken on this day. If you drive around the English countryside, you will often see pheasants running across the road or lingering at the side- they have become a regular site in England. Jamie Oliver has a great recipe for this stew which includes Chestnut Dumplings.

Bakewell Tart- take a trip to Bakewell

Bakewell is an actual town in England which you can visit. When you arrive in the little traditional English town there are in fact 3 shops which claim to sell the original Bakewell pudding and if you’re in the area, it is worth trying them all out. If you haven’t tried an original Bakewell pudding, then this is worth a shot one time as it is quite different to the normal Bakewell tart we are used to seeing (and eating!). If you don’t live near Bakewell, then perhaps make or buy your own Bakewell tart to celebrate St George’s Day.

English Rose Cake- a pretty sight

Great for a celebration on a patriotic day, this cake is influenced by a typical English rose. Rose can be a flavour that not a lot of people have tried so perhaps this is your chance. BBC Good Food have a recipe rated 4/5 stars to have a go at making.


Whether you’re cooking, baking or buying, perhaps celebrate St George’s Day in style with something a little bit traditionally English.


Why not try out our well-filled Roast Beef Sandwich as a grab and go alternative to a Beef Wellington? We know it’s never going to be the same, but you might at least get that beef-kick!


-Sophie Simpson, Account Manager, Simply Lunch

Enjoy a 'proper' sandwich - Give our team a call on 0345 200 7631

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