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World Egg Day: Eggs 5 Ways

World Egg Day: Eggs 5 Ways 9/10/17

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Friday 13th October may be unlucky for some but hopefully we can help liven up your day with some new and interesting egg recipes to celebrate World Egg Day 2017!

Here’s a whole day of quick and easy egg recipes for you to try out- we guarantee you won’t have tried them all before…

Breakfast: Hash Brown Nests Topped with Eggs

Lots of people don’t like eating a heavy breakfast in the morning or they simply skip it altogether. So why not make breakfast more exciting by baking this quick and easy recipe for breakfast or brunch? There’s not many ingredients involved and not much washing up so get your kids involved with cooking and make them altogether.

Lunch: Ham Hock & Chunky Egg Farmhouse Simply Lunch Sandwich

At Simply Lunch one of our favourite egg lunches is the NEW Ham Hock & Chunky Egg Farmhouse Sandwich (P076). It’s a must-try and always the first to be picked for our lunches in the office so add a few of these to your orders this week to celebrate World Egg Day 2017!

Snack: Tea Eggs

These beautiful eggs are a Chinese tradition at Chinese New Year but now we tend to eat pancakes and hot cross buns all year round so why not try cooking these eggs as well? And yes, they really are made using tea leaves, as well as other Asian ingredients such as soy sauce.

Dinner: Twice Baked Sweet Potato & Eggs

Did you know that sweet potato counts as 1 of your 5 a day? Create a filling meal without the guilt with this healthy dinner. It also looks great so if you have friends coming round, it will go down a treat.

Dessert: Portuguese Egg Custard Tarts

Egg custard tarts have always been a favourite sweet of the British but recently the trend has moved towards the lighter Portuguese version which uses puff pastry. You may have seen these tarts being sold at markets in the UK- it is actually similar to our original Bakewell tart and is just as tasty!


So celebrate World Egg Day 2017 and try out a new way to eat eggs today.


-Sophie Simpson, Account Manager, Simply Lunch

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