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5 Autumnal Apple Activities

5 Autumnal Apple Activities 16/10/17

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The days are getting shorter, leaves on trees are colourful and apples are looking ripe to pick so it can only mean one thing: autumn is here.

If you have your own apple tree or know friends or family who have their own apple trees then you’ve probably found yourself overburdened with apples this autumn. So what do you do with the excess apples in the garden? To help you out and to also celebrate Apple Day 2017, we’ve found 5 top apple activities for you and your family to get involved with this autumn.


1)      The Apple Puzzle: for kids

A simple activity for the kids but it will help them get creative with food at the same time as solving a mathematical puzzle. All you do is cut out shapes from an apple and get your kids to put the shapes back into the apple before they eat it. Why not challenge older children by giving them 30 seconds to complete their puzzle in?

2)      Apple candle: for your home

Say goodbye to light evenings and say hello to fiery evenings with some autumnal homemade candles. A simple but effective idea, you only have to cut a tealight holder shape out of an apple and place a tealight inside it. Think pumpkin-carving but on an everyday scale. 

3)      Renew Oily hair: for you

Everyone has different hair types but for those of you who have an oily hair type, you can use apple cider vinegar to tackle and reduce this annoyance. To do this, apple cider vinegar needs to first be diluted and then you can wash your hair with this diluted mixture. Even better, you can make your own apple cider vinegar using leftover apple cores so nothing needs to go to waste this autumn.

4)      Apple feeder: for birds

As winter draws near, the birds in your garden may find it increasingly hard to find food. Help them out by creating your own bird feeder for your garden. The only ingredients you need to get going are apples and seeds- so give it a try!

5)      Xmas tree decoration: for Christmas

Start to prep your Christmas tree decorations early. Natural and homemade decorations always go down a treat and give your home that extra “magical” feeling. Simply slice your apples into thin slices and bake in the oven until crisp. Then turn them into garlands for the tree.


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-Sophie Simpson, Account Manager, Simply Lunch

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