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Food Trends To Define 2018 11/12/17

Food trends are moving very quickly of late. So quickly in fact, that by the time you have finished your bottle of coconut milk, it's already gone out of fashion and something else has become the 'in' drink.

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Raw Foods: Fad or Fab? 5/12/17

Raw foodism is a diet that has been around for the last 200 years, it is now becoming popular again amongst those who are keen to follow the ever-changing food fashion. It sounds incredibly healthy… but is it?

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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions! 28/11/17

You may have found yourself chuckling at the recent TV advert which shows a customer ordering a plain cup of coffee who is met with a vacant expression from a barista, who is apparently bamboozled by such a simple request!

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Are food prices rising and what's the impact of this? 15/11/17

We've all started to hear about the impact of BREXIT on food prices but working within the food industry, Simply Lunch has started to hear more and more about the increasing cost of food and ingredients, so we thought it would be useful to share our current knowledge.

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